Black Agencies is a directory of black owned and black run advertising agencies that have more than 5 full time employees, office and landline. These are agencies that can handle a R12 million+ a year retainer with very little headache for advertisers. The objective is to make it easier for marketers to buy marketing services from real black owned and black run agencies. Through economic inclusion the directory promotes black creative advertising excellence.

According to Adex, Total ad spend in South Africa is R42bn. The Black Agencies Movement will shift Total SA Advertising Spend by 25% (R10bn) to black owned agencies by 2019. We aim to achieve this through (a) showcasing black talent on existing and owned creative awards (b) centralizing access to the best black agencies in Africa.

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    • Vixion Brand Agency Page clicks: 1035 Page visits: 36

      Vixion is a black owned brand and design company that has identified that black owned companies with exceptional products and exceptional service delivery lack visual appeal, branding and identity in this competitive and digital dependant society. 80% of black owned companies strive to gain international exposure and awareness, however, this can not be achieved with a dismal brand identity.  Branding surpasses the product and service on online platforms simply because online, anything intangible is sold emotively. If it doesn't look the part it wont get the part. Business owners and employers make an extensive effort to look and dress the part in the physical sense for the company, we do the same in the abstract sense for the company. As vixionaries, we study companies or brands in order to solve their brand and visual communication problems.  A brand is not a logo, logo's are simply manifestations of a brand. A brand is the entirety of the company and how that entirety makes you feel and as vixionaries we sell your business for you from first sight.       

    • Ethno Afrika Page clicks: 1668 Page visits: 37

      We have the following capabilities: National reach 50 Researchers 30 Data Analysts 20 Field Moderators Dedicated Panel Management division which curates a consumer panel of 15 000 active consumers within the Mass Market. We have a host of products and services that were specifically designed to address the issue of miscommunication and misrepresentation of the black middle class consumer.   For more information kindly visit

    • Luxury Media Africa Page clicks: 1550 Page visits: 70

      Black owned woman Advertising Agency creating meaningful collaborations for Luxury Brands in Africa. One of a kind in Africa working closely with luxury brands to create a platform that serves that identifies the best in Africa to give brands a platform to showcase their products or services within the luxury segment.

    • Leratadima Marketing Page clicks: 877 Page visits: 20

      We are solutions-oriented in conceptualising and executing holistic brand approaches using a strategic mix of mediums that deliver strategic and operational value creation to our clients. We are a key mediating force between brands and their consumers, having mastered curated brand and consumer experiences unparalleled by our unique set of services.

    • Sublime Opus Page clicks: 766 Page visits: 0

      Sublime Opus is a creative agency providing a diversified range of services where we guarantee tailored bespoke solutions and ideas for our clients. We have established significant relationships between our core business functions and pride ourselves on bringing brands together at every touch point. . Armed with a collective of creative individuals, we craft the perfect customer experience. Our Services include: Branding Design Print Content Video/Film Production Photography  

    • Guerilla. Page clicks: 562 Page visits: 0

      Guerilla is a creative agency that was founded in 2010 by Cam Naidoo and Leasha Naidoo. Together the pair have broken the shell of norm and created a very likeable agency with a 'do it all' philosophy.

    • The AllBrand Agency Page clicks: 2850 Page visits: 29

      The AllBrand Agency combines sales and marketing into an explosive offering (termed SMARKETING) that guarantees their clients a truckloads of TLC. Traffic, Leads and Customers.

    • NineThirtyWan Page clicks: 1014 Page visits: 16

      A difference. The kind you can take to the bank. A bunch of dreamers, creators, deepthinkers, freethinkers, geeks, and strategists who have an unhealthy obsession to turn creativity into a commercial advantage for clients… That’s us.

    • TrendER Page clicks: 757 Page visits: 7

      Full service advertising agency with consumer research and strategic insights at the core

    • Quizel inc Page clicks: 889 Page visits: 0

      Quizel inc is willing and ready to serve the mass, wanna atleast host or create 5 to 8 events (music festivals,social expo etc) within the next 11 months market our own work and but need help to make of that to become a reality, to be honest we are new and probably thee underdogs within this industry but that doesn't mean we won't get the job done

    • ID Lab Brand Page clicks: 1128 Page visits: 21

      We want you to judge us by our cover, because nothing makes us more proud then who we truly are. Our approach is simple, to make whatever we touch great, relatable and build a long lasting impression enough to echo beyond the subset of a simplistic market solution. We want to go the extra mile, we want to become part of peoples lives. We love people which makes us very eager to please. ID Lab Brand founded in 2015, we believe in the evolution of brands, and how they grow into higher levels of fulfilment, in usage and potential within both emerging markets and global economies. Our philosophy is to be honest and to tell the stories, the real way they should be told, about the things that matter the most.

    • The Odd Number Page clicks: 34226 Page visits: 0

    • FORT Page clicks: 17943 Page visits: 63

      FORT is a creative, content and production network which operates as an organised structure within which fresh ideas can flourish, creating value through specialised integration and a full service production offering.

    • Blackfuse Page clicks: 903 Page visits: 30

    • Napsta Entertainment Page clicks: 1166 Page visits: 13

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Avatar Co-Founder and COO Veli Ngubane chats to Duma Collective founder, Sibu Mabena, about her journey in entrepreneurship and how she strives for greatness as a female in the advertising industry. Tune in here:

Ahmed Tilly (SA Advertising Maverick and Creative Advisor), Ahmed Tilly talks about women in advertising and the slow pace transformation in advertising. Tilly challenges white men in advertising to move the conversation forward. He posits that it makes no sense for only black people to talk about transformation. Ahmed Tilly, his career officially kicked off in 1996 as a junior copywriter when he joined Lindsay Smithers FCB. He spent a couple of years at the agency before doing a stint at Publicist. In 1999 he joined The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town. 5 years later he returned to Johannesburg to......

Zibusiso Mkhwanazi (born 10 June 1983, Soweto, South Africa) is Group CEO of M&N Brands and co-founder of Avatar, South Africa’s largest black owned and managed advertising agency.   Join Zibusiso Mkhwanazi tonight at 6pm on IG Talk, as he’ll be in conversation with Yolisa Pasipanodya, the MD of Meropa Communications. They’ll be chatting about her challenges, learnings and successes that she faces and her view on black prominent women in the industry.   Tune in here:   #UnitedInCreativity IG: @sacreatives IG: @zibusisom...

Following a rigorous and detailed selection process with proposals considered from 16 short-listed companies across the delivery pillars required, South African Tourism (SA Tourism) is pleased to announce that we have appointed a suite of marketing and communications agencies in response to the RFP162/19 the organisation issued in June 2019. In line with South African Tourism’s commitment to the empowerment of small businesses, each of the agencies has subcontracted 30% of their scope and billing to a small black owned business. For the duration of the contract, South African Tourism will ensure that the subcontractors provide valuable input into the......

The Interactive Advertising Bureau of South Africa (IAB SA) has appointed of Veli Ngubane as its new transformation council head. Ngubane is the founding partner and group MD of Avatar Agency Group. Ngubane has served on the transformation council for the last year and takes over leadership from Avani Singh, Alt Advisory director and co-founder, who joins the IAB executive board. The council’s mandate is to lead the debate and monitor the progress of the interactive advertising industry regarding the challenges and opportunities related to transformation. Says Ngubane, “I’m honoured to be given this task to lead the transformation council......

by Zibusiso Mkhwanazi (@Zibusiso) Last week, I read Jarred Cinman’s 2020 trends piece here on MarkLives, #BigQ2020: The future is here, and I would like to expand on his views, which I fully agree with. What a difficult year 2019 was for what seems to have been a majority of ad agencies in South Africa. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cut SA’s GDP growth prospects for 2020, from 1.1% to 0.8%. This in turn means that, when there’s little growth, marketing budgets are in the front of the chopping queue. This isn’t good news for SA agencies: our industry......

The digital marketing and communications sector is driven by the ever-changing technologies in this era of the digital economy. Thus it is safe to assume, even without the stats, that there is a gap between the digital marketing skills and available opportunities. Some background According to African Development Bank, Africa’s economic growth rates for 2019 and 2020 were projected at 4% and 4.1% respectively. This is on the back of sustained growth for several years now. However, the continent is plagued by jobless economic growth. Opportunities and challenges The digital marketing and communications sector holds promise for employment opportunities for......

by MarkLives (@marklives) Is adland embracing an African narrative? Are South African advertising agencies and brands embracing an authentically African narrative and aesthetic or do they continue to imitate American and European work? What can agencies, and brands, do to shift the paradigm towards embracing a unique creative identity that speaks to our African roots? Next in our panel to tackle this question is Avatar‘s Veli Ngubane. Veli Ngubane Veli Ngubane (@TheNduna) entered the world of advertising with a passion after completing his BSocSci (law, politics, and economics) at UCT and a post-graduate marketing diploma at Red & Yellow, where he’s currently advisory......