Charma Maluleka

Where did you grow up and what were the reactions you received from people in your life when you said you wanted to go into advertising/marketing?

From the backwoods of Elim village in Limpopo, I grew up in the Eastrand (Katlehong, Thokoza, Spruit, etc.) My passion for advertising was ignited in grade 7 and then properly identified in high school (grade 9) from my high schools career guidance teacher. So I've always been encouraged to go into advertising even before I had decided to go that route.

When did you develop an interest for advertising/marketing?

From grade 9 when I used to market myself as an artist in my high school and community.

How did you break into the industry and how did you land your new job?

As a self trained designer, I did a mock up design for the company I wanted to work for, they liked it and then employed me.

What top three characteristics does one require to be successful in the industry?

Research skills in order to understand the industry, trends, client needs, etc. Must be a good ``sales person`` who is able to seal and close deals and must be diligent.

What is your take on the current South African advertising landscape, what needs to change?

I think we need more creative agencies that offer real innovation instead of just bettering what others are doing. Award winning ads are not as ``award winning`` as they should be. Looking at the advertising industry in India for example, then you'll see how far behind we still are in terms of concepts and innovation.

What are your opinions on transformation in the advertising/creative environment?

I think as black agencies we need to let our work do the talking for us, we need to start producing work that simply can't be ignored. We need to force transformation by rightfully earning our spots at the top through our work.

Please list three projects you have been a part of.

MoFaya Energy Drink launch campaign, Nedbank PB Activations & SABC1 Phola documentary

Please share some of your proudest career moments.

Signing an international deal that put my agency in a position to open an international branch.

What advice do you have for young people who are interested in entering the industry?

Be 100% sure of the reasons why you want to enter this industry. It has to be passion and not because you are chasing money. Chase excellence and money will come on it's own.

Are there any new, exciting projects you are currently working on that you can share with us?

As Made2Fly turns 5 years in November 2016, we are opening our first international Made2Fly branch that will be based in New York with it's offices in Madison Square. We have just signed 2 deals with international clients that might make us one of the biggest agencies in the next 5 years. Watch this movie play out #ItWasWritten


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