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The Fort

The Fort is a Johannesburg-based production company which operates as an organised structure within which fresh ideas can flourish, creating value through specialised integration and a full service production offering.

They Fort are a hybrid agency- a creative, brand and content agency based in South Africa. They believe in true integration; strategy-lead creative teams working on big challenges in honest collaboration with their clients to provide real business solutions. They are passionate about inspiring and harnessing audience participation by creating conversations that overcome consumer indifference and encourage engagement.


Providing clients with a dynamic, collaborative environment of teams of strategy, creative and production, they do not separate ideation and implementation. Their approach allows their strategists and clients alike full access to design, development and production teams, encouraging open dialogue and ensuring brand and message integrity across any platform.


When they say they are “brand-centric and platform neutral”, they are not simply sharing a methodology, but committing to an ideal. They are in search of identifying “The Pain”, establishing your “Big Ideal” before their “Big Idea” and then transforming those insights into strategies, content and experiences.


They regard excellence as a habitual part of what they do; fusing a desire for beautiful aesthetic and elegant design as their driving force with the ability to generate products and solutions that sell as the final arbiter for their work.

Key personalities:

Shukri Toefy and Amr Singh (Co-founders)

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