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    • Quizel inc Page clicks: 542 Page visits: 0

      Quizel inc is willing and ready to serve the mass, wanna atleast host or create 5 to 8 events (music festivals,social expo etc) within the next 11 months market our own work and but need help to make of that to become a reality, to be honest we are new and probably thee underdogs within this industry but that doesn't mean we won't get the job done

    • Tsalena Media Page clicks: 1639 Page visits: 14

      Tsalena Media is a 100% Black Youth Owned Media Buying, Marketing, Events Management and Creative & Production Agency.

    • Made 2 Fly Page clicks: 601 Page visits: 8

    • Eccentrics Visual Arts Agency Page clicks: 320 Page visits: 6

      Eccentrics Visual Arts Agency is a corporate photography and videography agency specialising in producing and curating visuals for organisations. We assist corporates and brands in defining their visual identity, and then creating content that speaks to that - through photographs, videos, graphic elements and other visual means. From annual reports, corporate events, CSI initiatives, corporate profiles and marketing/comms material - we curate these visuals into a stream of content that articulates who an organisation is, the work they do, and the impact of their services on their clients lives. Yhese visuals can be made available to the organisation and its agencies for use in communications. We also help organisations create and source custom stock imagery and are launching a stock image platform that specialises on providing imagery that portrays a new and dynamic Africa- one that is modern and progressive. Our clients includes corporates and brands such as Investec, Adidas, Transnet, SAA and Mpact to name a few

    • MediaSync Page clicks: 400 Page visits: 7

      We serve the television, FMCG and banking companies.

    • MKT Media Page clicks: 3324 Page visits: 55

    • The Communications Firm Page clicks: 11557 Page visits: 20

    • The ODD Number Page clicks: 574 Page visits: 52

      The ODD Number is a truly integrated agency that believes in the power of ideas. Whilst making sure it is up to date with this ever changing world, the one thing that will make people stop and take notice is a simple but powerful idea.

    • ID Lab Brand Page clicks: 732 Page visits: 11

      We want you to judge us by our cover, because nothing makes us more proud then who we truly are. Our approach is simple, to make whatever we touch great, relatable and build a long lasting impression enough to echo beyond the subset of a simplistic market solution. We want to go the extra mile, we want to become part of peoples lives. We love people which makes us very eager to please. ID Lab Brand founded in 2015, we believe in the evolution of brands, and how they grow into higher levels of fulfilment, in usage and potential within both emerging markets and global economies. Our philosophy is to be honest and to tell the stories, the real way they should be told, about the things that matter the most.

    • DNA Brand Architects Page clicks: 553 Page visits: 41

      DNA Brand Architects is a one of a kind company that takes your brand where it has never been before, creating unexpected alignments that will shake up your market and blow your mind. We are created for brands with an unstoppable hunger for greatness and are committed to a re-imagined and inspired continent of Africa

    • The Odd Number Page clicks: 33419 Page visits: 0

    • FORT Page clicks: 16928 Page visits: 49

      FORT is a creative, content and production network which operates as an organised structure within which fresh ideas can flourish, creating value through specialised integration and a full service production offering.

    • Foshizi Page clicks: 1076 Page visits: 11

      We are specialists in Mass Market Research and Strategy across all LSM and social groups in South Africa, SADC, West Africa and East Africa. Our USP is that we offer clients diverse strategic solutions that are borne out of mass market insights.

    • KWACHA MEDIA Page clicks: 422 Page visits: 6

      Film and television company specializing in corporate communication, advertising and Television.

    • Blackfuse Page clicks: 546 Page visits: 21

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