Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit my agency details like the logo or text?


There are two options. Option 1, you can claim the company as per screenshot below. You need to use your company email address for the administrator to allow you to claim the company.



Option 2 – When you loaded the company yourself then you just need to  Recover login and password as per screenshot below.

Why does the directory exist?

The objective is to make it easier for marketing and procurement managers to buy marketing services from real black owned and black run agencies. And also for creatives to send their portfolios and cv’s to black agencies.


What are the requirements for being part of the black agencies directory?

5 full time staff members, office and a landline.


How do I join the directory

Simply go adding your agency details here.


How do I get featured or get my thought leadership article published.

Please submit your request on the contact page, we’re always looking forward to new different ways of thinking.


My company was loaded and has been removed, why?

We get complains that some of the companies are not black owned. Please check our ‘status to be verified page‘ whether your company has not been reported.