We are specialists in Mass Market Research and Strategy across all LSM and social groups in South Africa, SADC, West Africa and East Africa. Our USP is that we offer clients diverse strategic solutions that are borne out of mass market insights.

Our research approach is different – we go to the people – in their homes, in their cities, townships, rural and deep rural areas. Our target markets are widespread – from major metropolitan studies to national studies, we go where the research takes us. We capture on video moments in time, creating a living record of each study.

Our methods are uniquely transparent offering first-hand insights into this fascinating diverse market. We thrive on doing things differently – our end results reveal frontiers of knowledge previously unknown to enable the development of sustainable marketing strategies. We talk to people face to face in their languages in order to drill information down to produce insights formerly unperceived.

Our intrinsic and crystal understanding of local languages, signs and symbols is what makes Foshizi fresh and original in the business of black market research. As a result, we intuitively understand ‘black life’ and all its subtleties which allow us to break through all barriers to ultimately reveal The Real (Foshizi) truth.

We have a reputable track record in which we have provided assistance for some established multi- nationals, as well as local institutions in the market. Since its establishment in 2004, Foshizi has established a niche in the market as being amongst the few consumer research companies in the forefront. We have grown to a company that has 200 research agents on the ground across all 9 provinces of Mzansi.

The company enjoys a level 1 BBB-EE score rating.

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