Lello Branding

Can your brand outlive the rest?

Anyone can start a business, but how do you ensure that your brand is the only option in the minds of your customers? In a saturated world where every brand is the same, this fundamental question drives the essence of our purpose.

"We know it's tempting to dive right into designing the logo and brand identity, but we believe it's essential to stop and look inwards."

At Lello, we believe it's imperative  to understand what your company is and what it stands for before tackling any of the specific design elements.  We work with your team to define and articulate your brand strategy upfront, this provides the core concept around which everything else revolves.

At the heart of what we do is strategy. Brand strategy lays-out a clear roadmap to which everything else emerge. That is why we do not offer stand-alone logos, because a strong brand needs a good and clear direction of branding foundation to support the design element.

This, ensures that all your branding efforts are aligned according to a clear strategic direction. This will lead to an effective strategy manifesting itself in a strong brand image externally to your audience.

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