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The Napsta – King of Christian Comedy (real name Napoleon Masinga), is a South African based comedian with over 10 years experience in drama and the performing arts. The Napsta has dazzled all types of audiences as a comedian, from the ‘Soweto Comedy Festival’ in South Africa, to the ‘Gospel Laughs & Worship’ in Kenya, including the ‘International Pastors & Partners Conference’ hosted in Nigeria, where he performed to a live audience of over 27,000 delegates.


This high energy, versatile and dynamic entertainer will have you falling off your chair through his accents, impersonations, ventriloquism, alter-ego’s and musi-comedy. The Napsta has always maintained keeping all his jokes clean, which is what separates him from a lot of other comedians. The Napsta prides himself in not using any vulgarity or profanity in his act, and believes one doesn’t need to swear in order to be funny.


This is inspired by his Christian upbringing and values, which he is never ashamed of mentioning. In fact, every now and then, The Napsta will share a story or two about some of his funny church experiences, which usually leave the audience in stitches. Keeping things clean makes it easy for The Napsta to work with Corporates, Schools, Churches and Government, who always enjoy a good laugh watching clean comedy with a positive message from The Napsta. From politics, hilarious church experiences, character sterio-types to socio-economic issues, The Napsta offers a custom-made show that can cater for a diverse or niche audience.

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