PR Powerhouse

The PR Powerhouse is a leading public relations agency in South Africa, with the skill set and client base of a global agency.

We understand that all our clients are in business, and we aim for nothing more but to help them achieve their business objectives. Our communications initiatives are geared to improve and manage the reputations of clients.


Born in the digital age, PR Powerhouse is a new-generation agency that doesn’t carry the baggage of out-dated models, and which is defining an entirely new way of doing business. We understand that post the global financial crisis clients need an agency which is nimble enough to adapt to changing market realities. Like the information-driven era in which we work, we’re networked. That means we’re set up to draw on the best expertise for the job as and when it’s needed. We know who to partner with – and when – in order to deliver the very best outcomes.


Key personalities:

Lebo Madiba (MD)

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