Our team is dynamic, young, gifted and Black! They are the culture curators who always have their finger on the pulse and are at the heart of trends and what is topical. With over 25 years extensive experience collectively in entertainment, communication, social media, digital and influencer marketing, the team bring with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

SlikourOnLife is a black owned and black operated influencer marketing agency with deep roots and expertise in entertainment, youth and culture but experience and clients across the board. 

We are a purpose led business - purpose describes the very core of what a company does and for whom it creates value. For us, this means providing a direct link between marketers and culture, removing the barriers between brands and the very people they need, to start conversations and amplify their messages.

In a country as diverse as SA, representation matters most. People relate to things and people they can identify with, that they see themselves in, this is what makes influencer marketing so powerful. 

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