Brave Clients Only!


We are at the intersection of collaboration and digital integrated campaigns. We sell ideas that work and make sense. With over 6 years in existence, we understand the daily pressures of deliverables and the costs involved, so we'll cut to the chase, we get the job done! If you looking for breathtaking, unconventional, brave & fresh treatment on your product or services to solve some of your communication/creative challenges, we offer some really compelling solutions. Never heard of us? Great, let's get aquatinted. for the latest join our Twitter family here: STTACREATIVE//

A small sized work of brilliance. Since 2016 we've managed to bring a sense of pride to most black-owned SMME's, start-ups, blue-chip brands, and some in-house projects respectively. Our background is formed by a plethora of years working for a key WPP group of agencies like Ogilvy & Mather, Grey Africa & Draft FCB & Network BBDO (BBDO group). Proactive in nature and a passion for interdisciplinarity solutions while keeping it real mkasana.

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