The Gryphon Lounge

We as TheGryphon Lounge would like to be listed as one of the black owned agencies as we are that,This will help us build exposure and generate more clients. The more business we get-the more job opportunities we will create.Our portfolio is impressive and our clients trust us ,however we have been operating below the radar and recognition will help our clients to trust us more and recommend us.Apart from that we want to inspire other agencies to take their business o the next level and break out of the ordinary. We have worked hard and smart to get here , lets set an example for other black owned agencies that 'Your Dreams Are Valid Black Child-Dont Give Up'

We develop creative solutions for small and big brands alike, build authentic product identities and much more. A sense of belonging, identity, more knowledge, better connections, the ability to create and above all, freedom. We look at audiences to find out what human experiences (HX) they seek. Then we address these fundamental human needs through engagement via brand experiences on relevant media platforms and activations. While we do this, we look also at how we can maximise your brands functional and transactional needs through these customer experience (CX) in order to convert people into customers and brand ambassadors. In this way, we are able to deliver meaningful brand experiences that build relevance and value for customers, employees and partners.

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