Let’s Re-Look The Advertising Pricing Model.


It’s an open secret that advertising people hate timesheets, though it remains the preferred pricing model with no sign of an alternative. Our daily job is to find creative solutions for our clients, but we have done little to find a solution to our ancient pricing model that we despise so much even though our industry keeps changing.


Hourly rate is one of the simplest pricing models, almost like a copout for people who don’t know how to price their services. What can one do in an hour? Plenty. Are all hours worth the same? No, they are not. Each advertising task requires a specific approach and effort. And when it comes to creative solutions, you can never estimate the amount of time it will take to come up with the big idea. Then why is each hour given the same fee when they produce an unequal value of work? I guess the hourly rate is a safe option. You can also charge for all your unproductive hours.

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