New initiative connects 100% black-owned agencies with corporate clients

Marketing agency value management company, AdOps’s Angelika Kempe is teaming up with Nolundi Magqaza, a senior procurement consultant in an initiative to connect 100% black-owned advertising, communications and marketing agencies with corporate clients.
Senior procurement consultant, Nolundi Magqaza and founder of AdOps, Angelika Kempe.

Senior procurement consultant, Nolundi Magqaza and founder of AdOps, Angelika Kempe.

Fresh and innovative agencies

Through the 100% initiative, the pair aim to build a list of 100 black economic empowerment agencies spanning a range of disciplines by the end of September. The aim is to raise the profile of the many talented emerging agencies in South Africa among the country’s major brands and put the agencies in touch with corporate buyers.

AdOps works closely with major brands to help them identify and manage marketing partners. Under the 100% initiative, the company is looking for strategic, creative, marketing, media, DTP, design, digital, activation, PR, sponsorship and research agencies and consultancies to join its network.

Says Kempe, who is the founder of AdOps: “Our role in the industry means that we know many brands who are looking for fresh and innovative agencies to help them meet their goals, as well as emerging companies who can deliver. There are some great agencies out there, who don’t yet have the industry contacts they need to get on brands’ pitch lists.”

Urgent need of transformation

“We did a soft launch of this initiative via a LinkedIn post, and were overwhelmed by the positive industry response. I am really passionate about this since I have heard too many stories about talented agencies needing to pay high fees for mentoring and networking services to get their foot in the door with big clients.”

Adds Magqaza: “We know that the marketing and advertising sector is in urgent need of transformation, yet from my years in corporate procurement, I also know how challenging it can be to identify credible new service providers. I’m excited to work with AdOps to help great emerging agencies get their big breaks and grow into serious industry players with blue-chip client lists.”

Qualifying agencies can join the initiative for free. To find out more, email Angelika Kempe:


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