Are you looking to hire a credible black-owned agency?

Searching for an advertising agency can be a challenging task, especially without the knowledge of how the industry operates. It’s also a costly and time-consuming exercise that requires proper consultation with prospective suppliers. Through a pitch process everyone will go all out to impress but to select the right agency goes beyond that process.

With plenty of legislative requirements, you may struggle to find the agency that ticks all the right boxes. Black Agencies is a comprehensive database of South African black-owned and managed advertising agencies. We aim to connect potential clients with the best suitable agencies and further create awareness of black-owned agencies in the country.


What are the benefits?


Tailored Pitch Criteria


Clients are not homogeneous, so are advertising agencies. Some clients are looking for a long-term agency partner and others have a once-off project they want executed. You don’t have to call every single agency in our database to find what you are looking for, and you may even lack time to do so. Tell us what you need and we will recommend the right agency for you. We will tell our agencies what you need and they will tell us what they can offer.


BEE Compliance


The primary prerequisite for the agency to be listed in our database is that it should be 100% black-owned and managed, so you can be assured of your BEE legislative compliance when working with any of the agencies we recommend to you.


Market Insight


Blacks are the majority in SA and black-owned agencies have better understanding on how to communicate to this audience. The marketing environment has become extremely sensitive and it’s easy to innocently offend people through your marketing communication, which can negatively affect your brand.

Our agencies understand the majority of the South African audience and know the right tone of engagement to ensure the best possible response to the marketing communication.


Best Industry Talent


The same talent that contributed to the success of the multination agencies established many of these black-owned agencies. Case studies of relevant work should be presented before an agency is recommended to a client.