Eccentrics Visual Arts Agency

Photography, Videography and Graphic Design Agency


Eccentrics Visual Arts Agency is a corporate photography and videography agency specialising in producing and curating visuals for organisations. We assist corporates and brands in defining their visual identity, and then creating content that speaks to that - through photographs, videos, graphic elements and other visual means. From annual reports, corporate events, CSI initiatives, corporate profiles and marketing/comms material - we curate these visuals into a stream of content that articulates who an organisation is, the work they do, and the impact of their services on their clients lives. Yhese visuals can be made available to the organisation and its agencies for use in communications. We also help organisations create and source custom stock imagery and are launching a stock image platform that specialises on providing imagery that portrays a new and dynamic Africa- one that is modern and progressive. Our clients includes corporates and brands such as Investec, Adidas, Transnet, SAA and Mpact to name a few.

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