Ethno Afrika

We have the following capabilities:

National reach

50 Researchers

30 Data Analysts

20 Field Moderators

Dedicated Panel Management division which curates a consumer panel of 15 000 active consumers within the Mass Market.

We have a host of products and services that were specifically designed to address the issue of miscommunication and misrepresentation of the black middle class consumer.


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Founded in 2013 as a brand communications agency, Ethno Afrika has evolved into a dedicated full-service market research agency that places special emphasis on the Mass Market Consumer of Africa. Our footprint is predominantly in South Africa although we have a presence in 3 more African countries within the SADC region.

We conduct end-to-end market research services ranging from research design, Panel Management right up to Data Analytics.

Founded by 2 Soweto born entrepreneurs with a flare for marketing and strategy, the leadership of Ethno Afrika is the epitome of kasi consumerism thought leaders.

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