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What is a Brand Central?

It’s a strategic and analytical process that delivers a total brand management solution.  

It strengthens the creativity and aligns with a sound strategic foundation which, in turn, allows the client to focus on the business.   

The brand central process ensures that absolute communication consistency is achieved by getting everyone to adhere to the brand map set out.


The Benefits of a Brand Central marketing

Increased communication, visual brand manifestation in the market place and maximum brand effectiveness.

This system will allow specialist agencies, consultants and partners to focus on execution, as opposed to creating their own brand maps within brand maps, consequently diluting the brand and the marketing effort by being inconsistent.

We are a design led communication agency, our creativity is based on an executable strategy, using the flexible brand assets to ensure uniformity in communicating a brand, which is then applied across multiple applications by all parties, both internal and external to ensure consistent and effective results.

The mbros brand central process is scalable and adaptable to meet all brand communication requirements in all dimensions.

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