Established in 2015, Melenial Media is a digital-first company that provides communications & operational support to young, local and creative entrepreneurs - enabling their businesses & projects to soar.

When we started we were an ambitious couple of South African millennials who tried - and succeeded - to create the reflective, representative and resonating content that we did not see in the mainstream media market locally. One African Blogger Award, site redesign and over 100 articles later, we have made the pivot to the consulting space.

As a micro (read; one-man-show) agency in the highly competitive South African PR industry, we are set apart by our focus on the big brands of tomorrow and young successes of today. We have carefully chosen to approach and hope to attract a clientele of talented barrier-breakers who push our strategic thinking and invite collaboration in the building of what will be this country’s most recognisable and formidable companies and talents.

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