Mohube Media

Our process is based on the theory of triangulation.

Triangulation aligns multiple perspectives and leads to a more comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon of interest. It is how we interweave insights, data and technology to solve for X and build strategies that drive creative and business outputs.


A brief contains all the pieces that are required to give clarity to the variables. It is the starting point and a two-way conversation to uncover the fundamentals to find a way forward.

• An understanding of the brief and skills

• Understanding communication & marketing pain points between clients and agencies

• Application of experience to bridge the gap between all stakeholders


This is where we start to see the process that will make the sum of all parts synchronize and tell a story. The essence starts to take shape and the bigger picture begins to manifest..

• Tapping into the network to procure resources based on the task/ project

• Ensuring delivery of all set objectives, driving a seamless process and making sure that the key

messaging isn’t lost through process


A great strategy gives the creative a great foundation to work from. In order build the components that connect with an audience and work to deliver the scope of the initial brief. It gives room for creative implementation built on real insights to give a unique viewpoint of the brand.

• Matching the best talent and skills to deliver on the required output

• Connecting brands and corporates to their markets and targeted audience

The African family system always anticipates cultural evolution as part of its continuity and legacy and this is at the heart of Mohube Media. We are an expression of curiosity. We help our clients uncover their own truths to connect authentically with their tribe. We enable our clients to charter the currents of change by retaining a focus on their philosophy.

We are co-creators and contributors who find value in tapping into the synergies of the creative eco-systems and networks around us. Our model is agile because it embraces the ethos of an African family system.

The source of our inspiration lies in the realm of combining creativity, data and technological application to benefit our clients.

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