PurpleRoom started as a little girl’s dream, she wanted nothing more than to have her own purple bedroom. It seems such a simple thing but it was out of reach. Her mother vowed that she’d work hard to make that dream come true for her daughter. The PurpleRoom is a symbol, a dream defined - a dream one can work towards. Everyone has their ‘PurpleRoom’.  Every business has its PurpleRoom too and our goal is to help you towards building yours. PurpleRoom’s ethos is that all business activity, including communications, needs to serve a strategic goal. We offer services that are not only tailored to your needs but services that will drive your business objectves. Our industry specialists know your industry, its opportunities and risks. We offer an innovative approach to PR that gives our clients precision services and strategic outcomes. We are changing the game, not trying to win the race everyone else is running. We believe that innovation requires transcending your competition. Our industry specific knowledge enables us to look beyond what is happening right now.

PurpleRoom Communications is a full-service reputation management agency specializing in Media Relations, Media Training, Reputation Management, Crisis and Issues Management, Community Engagement, Internal Communications, Secondment,  Strategy Development and Brand Strategy Audits.

The company is 100% black female owned, possessing a combined experience of over 30 years in marketing and communications and operating in key markets on the continent.

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