Retrolex Consultancy

Looking to Improve your businesses influence in the industry ? or do you need a GTM strategy that will push your ROI higher. Retrolex offers a plethora of marketing and branding services, these services can only further improve your businesses brand identity or solve marketing problems that you may be facing. We strive in creating solutions that are easy to digest but to do not lack in detail and innovation, deeming from our name "the old informs the new" we always seek to integrate tried and tested solutions with new innovative ideas that aren't always part of the standard practice. Ask for Retrolex if you want to elevate your businesses marketing.

A full service agency founded in 2008, 100% black-owned agency with our Head Office located in Centurion. With 12+ years experience in brand communications and through-the-line services. Accredited with the SAACI and PRISA, we have big brand, mass market and public sector experience. Dedicated to the development of SME’s, creating work opportunities and skills development. Through-the-line brand and communications company offering ATL, BTL, Digital and PR services. We are obsessed with creating fresh work that delivers tangible results.

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