Small UpComing Black Agency

I am Gundo Tshimauswu, COO of Venay Creative. Venay Creative was established in March 2020, based in Pretoria. We specialize in premium visual communication and brand experience including digital marketing, creative design, and website development. Prior to founding Venay Creative, I knew there was a wide range of clients, corporate and individuals, who could not succeed without standard digital marketing agencies. During the past two years, Venay Creative has managed to secure exciting clients for Digital Branding, including Motsepe Foundation and Kagiso Trust, we helped with generating demand for the brand's product offerings and also established the brand's online presence. We intend to start small and then grow in order to compete favorably with leading digital marketing agencies. So far, we have hired four people, and we will keep achieving this by developing innovative consumer experiences for our brands.

Venay Creative is an integrated creative communications agency that ensures your business cuts through the noise and delivers a clear message, with a consistent visual style, that is goal-focused. We develop unique consumer experiences for our brands and their clients. We always strive for excellence by bringing new ideas and goals that make us reach further than ever before, we try to find new and innovative ways to push our boundaries and constantly improve.

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