nathan reddy judging at d&ad awards

Nathan Reddy, founder of Grid Worldwide Branding and Design, is one of the judges at the 2014 Design and Art Direction (D&AD) awards beginning on 24 March in London. He is judging the Branding category, one of 24 categories in this year’s awards.

Considered by many to be the leading awards show in the industry, it is known for its very high standards and the chosen jurors take their role, as gatekeepers of excellence, very seriously.

Reddy points out that these high standards make judging a challenging and often emotionally charged process. “Everyone has their favourites but as a group we have to ensure that just the very best gets through. If there is no one piece of work that stands out as exceptional, there is no winner.

“Judging this award is an incredible honour. This is the best Branding work done globally in the last year, and I look forward to the healthy debates my fellow judges and I are sure to have over which campaigns are the most deserving.”

This article originally appeared on Bizcommunity