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    • MirrorPR Page clicks: 1930 Page visits: 60

      Mirror PR is a young, dynamic integrated marketing communications company established in 1998.

    • Ditshego Media Page clicks: 3998 Page visits: 64

    • ZANENZA Page clicks: 2651 Page visits: 69

      Zanenza is a 100% black woman – owned comprehensive communications consultancy, which exists to empower our clients, entrepreneurs and stakeholders for sustainable growth

    • Moshate Media Page clicks: 4487 Page visits: 64

      Moshate Media is a Public Relations and Events Management agency, earning its extensive experience both in the private and public sector

    • PR Powerhouse Page clicks: 44152 Page visits: 63

      The PR Powerhouse is a leading public relations agency in South Africa, with the skill set and client base of a global agency.

    • BWD Public Relations Page clicks: 1284 Page visits: 22

    • Foshizi Page clicks: 2948 Page visits: 35

      We are specialists in Mass Market Research and Strategy across all LSM and social groups in South Africa, SADC, West Africa and East Africa. Our USP is that we offer clients diverse strategic solutions that are borne out of mass market insights.

    • Afrikan Dialogue Page clicks: 1957 Page visits: 28

    • GBSH Consult Group Page clicks: 27239 Page visits: 36

      GBSH Consult Group is a tier-one first-to-market global multi-award winning strategy and management consulting firm focused on serving the marketplace for next generation technologies and world best practices in consulting. It delivers essential advantage to the world’s top influential businesses, governments, organizations and individuals. The company offers consulting, outsourcing and technology services and solutions to organization both on the commercial and the government sides.

      They offer significant competitive advantage to clients in the growing markets for best practices in revenue growth, venture creation, global expansion, restructuring, transformation, turn around and much more.
    • Ingenious Communications Page clicks: 1587 Page visits: 29

      Ingenious Communications is grounded in creating systemic change through work that is sustainable, measurable and brings impact. We offer communication solutions on the ground as well as traditional and digital media platforms to ensure a long-term connection with a desired target market through Public Relations, Marketing, Content Creation, Events, CSI, SMME Development and training.

    • Quizel inc Page clicks: 1693 Page visits: 0

      Quizel inc is willing and ready to serve the mass, wanna atleast host or create 5 to 8 events (music festivals,social expo etc) within the next 11 months market our own work and but need help to make of that to become a reality, to be honest we are new and probably thee underdogs within this industry but that doesn't mean we won't get the job done

    • Luxury Media Africa Page clicks: 2554 Page visits: 111

      Black owned woman Advertising Agency creating meaningful collaborations for Luxury Brands in Africa. One of a kind in Africa working closely with luxury brands to create a platform that serves that identifies the best in Africa to give brands a platform to showcase their products or services within the luxury segment.

    • PURPLEROOM COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD Page clicks: 1606 Page visits: 0

      PurpleRoom started as a little girl’s dream, she wanted nothing more than to have her own purple bedroom. It seems such a simple thing but it was out of reach. Her mother vowed that she’d work hard to make that dream come true for her daughter. The PurpleRoom is a symbol, a dream defined - a dream one can work towards. Everyone has their ‘PurpleRoom’.  Every business has its PurpleRoom too and our goal is to help you towards building yours. PurpleRoom’s ethos is that all business activity, including communications, needs to serve a strategic goal. We offer services that are not only tailored to your needs but services that will drive your business objectves. Our industry specialists know your industry, its opportunities and risks. We offer an innovative approach to PR that gives our clients precision services and strategic outcomes. We are changing the game, not trying to win the race everyone else is running. We believe that innovation requires transcending your competition. Our industry specific knowledge enables us to look beyond what is happening right now.

    • JNPR Page clicks: 362 Page visits: 0

      At JNPR we don’t just change perceptions, because perceptions can be fleeting, what we do - in every sense - is change minds.

      As a full service communications firm specialising in reputation management, public relations and strategic communications, JNPR partners with businesses and brands to help them reach their consumers and stakeholders through targeted communication channels, delivering the right message, at the right time.

      The “Private School” of Public Relations, JNPR offers dedicated services at realistic fees, involved senior counsel and measurable results. By doing so, we assist our clients in growing their businesses and fortifying the reputations of their companies.

    • Fashion business Page clicks: 388 Page visits: 0

      The business is about fashion and it is based in South Africa

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