MMI Holdings Official Response On The Exclusion Of Black Owned Advertising Agencies

Good afternoon Nontokozo Madonsela,

Congratulations on the appointment of 3 marking agencies.

According to the revised MAC charter, this year was supposed to be an exciting year for transformation in the Marketing, Advertising and Communications industry. I found it a little disappointing and depressing that none of the agencies chosen we real black-owned companies.

In the future, please consider working with black-owned agencies.


Here’s a list of more than 70 credible black-owned agencies.





Dear Bongani,

Thank you for making contact and for sharing the link with the black owned agencies.

I wish to assure you that we followed a rigorous process in the appointment of the marketing agencies. One of the non-negotiable selection criteria was the B-BBEE status of agencies and this carried the highest individual weighting compared to other criteria. After a comprehensive and transparent evaluation, we ended up with a list of preferred agencies that met the required criteria, including their B-BBEE status.

If there is anything else you would like to discuss please do let me know, and I would be very happy to do so.

Kind regards.

Dan Moyane
Group Head: Communication & CSI



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