African Bank joins forces with Brave Group and Media Mix 360

African Bank, Brave Group, and Media Mix 360 have entered into an audacious advertising and media business partnership. African Bank has been working with Brave’s public relations unit Bold, and the Group will now be extending the relationship to include above-the-line advertising services.

Media Mix 360 is a full-service media agency that has been in business since 2009. From traditional media planning and placement to the shape-shifting terrain of digital, it prides itself on providing media solutions that will deliver.

The appointments follow a rigorous pitch process and robust levels of engagement, and the three-year contract begins.

African Bank’s chief marketing officer Sbu Kumalo says he is excited by the potential inherent in this partnership: “African Bank is more than simply a bank. We are a mission manifesting itself as a bank. Our heritage story is not only unique, it is inspiring. The concept of audacity is embedded in our DNA, which is why we need audacious partners like Brave and Media Mix 360 to help us get our message across and instill the Audacity to Believe in South African consumers.”

Brave Group CEO Musa Kalenga says he is delighted to welcome African Bank in this new capacity and to help them build and develop their core value proposition of audacity.

Notes Kalenga: “The story of the institution with its genesis in 1964 is one that inspires and resonates even to this day. The founders with just R70 in their pockets decided to start a bank not for themselves, but for Black people, because banks at the time did not serve this important market properly.

Their arduous journey is one that inspires hope and pride, and will be the foundation of our messaging in this new age of digital banking. Poised for greatness, the bank is currently undergoing a repositioning to build its reputation as a major player in South Africa. It is this transformative ambition that makes Brave Group and African Bank a powerful match.”

Andile Kona, founder and managing director of Media Mix 360, says: “African Bank and our agency share a common ethos of integrity, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of success. With a robust understanding of the South African media, Media Mix 360 is well positioned to contribute to African Bank’s growth and market presence. As part of this partnership, we aim to leverage its in-depth knowledge of the South African media landscape to enhance African Bank’s visibility and reach. By utilising a tailored approach, our agency will deliver targeted strategies that align with the brand’s unique heritage, connecting African Bank with its target audience in meaningful ways.

“This partnership presents an exciting opportunity for us not only to add value, but also to contribute to the sustainable growth of African Bank. We are confident that our expertise and understanding of the local media landscape will help propel the brand to new heights.”

African Bank, the Brave Group and Media Mix 360 all share a strong belief in the potential of South Africa and why the notion of having an authentic transformative purpose is critical to success.

Kalenga says: “Operating in a transformative and forward-thinking manner is part of Brave Group’s DNA. The company has long understood its role in driving brave thinking through knowledge, teamwork, experience, risk, exploration, and research. The agency group stands for creativity born from confidence and insight – a tried-and-tested recipe for success that will stand its new client in good stead.”


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